here’s one I took earlier

Yesterday it was dew covered daffodils all day and pastel skies by evening, I thought it must be spring. Today has been dull, cold and wet all day; and now there is a blustery wind whistling through out there. So tucked away indoors I thought I would look at the very first picture or two I took this time last year, with the brand new toy I had just bought; the Nikon P520 (then the last photo ~ in yellow ~ from this morning when the wind wasn’t blowing so much)
2015 02 28 2014 03 05 527 052 last year jpg sig 7.00am sunrise 28 February 2014

2015 02 28  2014 03 05 529 056 last year 2 jpg sig  7 00 am sunrise 28 February 2014

.2015 02 28  2014 03 05 503 029 morning  jpg sig 6.55 am sunrise 28 February 2014

7.00 am sunrise 28 February 2015 ~ today ~ same place……
2015 02 26 dafs jpg sig Gill McGrath© probably spring!

11 thoughts on “here’s one I took earlier

  1. I am enjoying all the pictures you have here. They are very well done, you seem to have an eye for it. Keep up the good work!



    1. Thank you Fred. I am an artist ( painter) and spend far too much time with the camera really.I am in no way technical and have no idea how a camera works like : shutter speeds, lens use etc and all the numbers that go with it. I wish I did! I mostly play around with light. Thanks for your lovely comments ❤

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      1. Could have fooled me! That just means you know where the pictures are, what type of scenes are eye catching. I look forward to seeing more!



      2. My subject at the moment is quite contained and narrow really! And I think I am more of a snapper than a photographer. I live on the top of a hill, with some houses close by and with some long views over a valley where the sky and light changes (sun , rain, cloud) constantly. The various stretches and snippets of the horizon alter all the time. Once you notice this ( not every body does) it becomes even more noticeable! Mists roll here making everything look different. So there is plenty of scope to get shots close by fairly easily, some beautiful, some not . As an artist I weigh up shapes quickly (as if in a frame) all the time and do this with the photography. This seems more important than worrying if what I see is actually ‘beautiful’ in itself. Its feels more like taking a lot of instant decisions about what there is! – Gill

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