17 thoughts on “Squeezing orange….

  1. Although, photos are beautiful the second one is exquisite. Did you use a program to enhance the color, especially the blue of the shadows? If so, (iI work from an iPad) can you suggest a photo app to use?


    1. Thanks for your appreciation! The picture has not been changed or edited except that it went through my laptop on the Microsoft ‘paint’ for the signature at the bottom I do not edit very much although sometimes I crop in ‘ windows editing’ to improve the subject balance. I sometimes adjust the exposure (usually darken rather than lighten) in the same program which came with the laptop . It’s very basic, nothing complicated and it suits me but I didn’t use it in this photo. I would have done if I felt it needed it though!
      This photo and a whole string of them that evening were taken in the dropping sunset. Walking behind dark trees I noticed the orange tinges of light under some trees breaking through against what look like pink on the trunks behind and simply snapped. The next night same time the trees were completely unlit! The top picture in this post is of the sun as it was when the second photo was taken exposure slightly turned up to make the most of the orange already there to emphasize the ‘drip’ coming from it.
      I am sorry I can’t be any more help than that. I go around looking for the edges of light (morning and evening) for about half an hour or so as the sun goes up and down ( because of longer and growing shadows than you see in the day). I suppose you can say I was looking for it and was bound to notice it under those trees, but it was entirely lucky I was there just then. The sun was moving all the time going to where it does and there it was playing under those trees. It looked delightful. The light (perfect just then) was orange where it landed and the camera picked up the unlit sides as blue and the pink behind. Light does this in such conditions I have found a the camera picks it up. The pictures were taken in a hilly area where the light (atmosphere) is visibly pink and blue at times, all over the wider field expanses.
      I work to a reduced palette with oil and pastel painting on paper and canvas and deal with ‘edges of light’ in these mediums and it is working with the camera and its so fantastically quick and satisfying .I started photographing in earnest a year ago ( a camera phone before that but not too seriously) now using a Nikon coolpixP520 [some sort of entry level camera] but do not use any extra lens or know about shutter speeds….auto is good!
      Hope less answer I know. I think the ‘light room’ editor (user friendly ) may work directly on your ipad for the exposure and saturation facility. Best of luck. ❤ Gill


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