this morning ~a grey partial eclipse in the haze

as it was…
2015 03 20 sun 8 27 DSCN6509 jpg sig the first sign of sun… no sign of the moon yet! 8.27am

2015 03  20 haze jpg sig grey sky over the field ~ no sign of anything!.  8.32am

2015 03 20 1 DSCN6538jpg sig9.08am

2015 03 20 2 DSCN6555 jpg sig 9.18am

2015 03 20 3 DSCN6560 jpg sig 9.19am

2015 03 02  4 DSCN6587jpg sig 9.24 am

2015 03 02 5 DSCN6616 jpg sig the smile! 9.36 am

2015 03 20  6 DSCN6620 jpg sig 9.56 am

2015 03 20 DSCN6621 jackdaw jpd sig
2015 03 20 dove jpg sig
The dove sat there for most of the time!
The sky was filled with grey cloud over the haze so when the sun peeked in and out of the cloud the mists defined the shape of the moon against the sun without the glare.
Gill McGrath© March 20 morning Yeh!

17 thoughts on “this morning ~a grey partial eclipse in the haze

    1. I thought it wouldn’t happen it was so over cast but the clouds thinned a bit in the end so the sun bobbed in and out. No glare at all! Amazing when I realized I could see the moon, got quite excited!

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  1. Nice captures of not only the out of this world event, but the ambiance of the unpredictable weather. I recently published a post here about a slightly awkward attempt to photograph a total eclipse, way back in 1970. On that day there was not a cloud in the sky, and like your avian friends, it was very hushed! Thanks for the view. M:-)


    1. Thanks for your lovely comments and thank you for the link to your really lovely post story and photos. I really thought it wasn’t going to happen just here, but glad I didn’t give up. It was fun! Thanks for your share 🙂 xxx


    1. Thanks . The day had an amazing lack of color, but there was quite a lot of clarity in the mist that has actually cleared today after a week or so of haze ! [The haze turned out to be rather helpful ] 🙂

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