8 thoughts on “looking at the sunset: but they look at the trees!

    1. The view of those trees are where the sun comes up and the birds sit on that wire looking at the action! From where i am looking at the sunset today i can still see the trees where the sun comes up ……the birds arent usually there in the evening but they were there this time ignoring the sunset in the other direction! There are only seconds between the last sunset shot and the birds looking at the grey. I am in one place just here and taking photos of the sun and the opposite field and the little trees …. Quite a long strip on the horizon which change color all day! I have a years worth of photos of that spot…. Sort of studying it! It goes yellow all shades of blue pink and endless shades between! Its my muse!

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  1. These photographic sequences of a day are really important. They remind me that the one constant in life is change.
    I could see a book showing images for each day of the year……Hope you have a day filled with magic. xxx


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