OKGO walk on the ceiling….

This is a commercial [1min.48sec]that OKGO did for the Chinese furniture store Red Star Macalline (23 Mar 2015). It’s a visual reference to their video “The Writing’s on the Wall” but set to a remix of “I Won’t Let You Down” by their own Dan Konopka. [The full version of the original video is below this one…and another one after that about how they made it!] ….

On tour now! Go to http://www.okgo.net/shows for details.

Here is the original video [October 2014]

and another on how they made it

8 thoughts on “OKGO walk on the ceiling….

      1. Oh, no…what’s going on over there! Actually it has been unseasonably cool here for two days, down in the high forties (Fahrenheit) but today the sun is bright. Have a great day anyway, stay warm!


  1. Hang in there, Gill. It’s been terribly cold here too. This time last year I was outside beginning to open my gardens. This year the ground is still frozen with yet snow on the ground. This is really disheartening. Just hang in there!!! Love, Amy


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