today. breakfast at dawn……

in a pink and blue mist
by the whispering moon
as the quarter bell rings
…its where the bird sits
the peach air breathes
dew drips from the gate
the spangling grass sings

[titles of photo sequence from 6.27 until 7.07 am this morning] Gill McGrath©

2015 04 06 627 1 pink mists  before dawn  1 jpg sig

2015 04 06 630 2 by the whispering moon jpg sig

2015 04 06 645 3 the quarter bell sounds jpg sig(6.45am) yes it did!

2015 04 06 646 4 where the bird sits jpg sig

2015 04 06 654 5 peach air mists the castle jpg sig

2015 04 06 655 6 drips dew by the gate jpg sig

2015 04 06 707 7 clinging dew on the grass jpg sig
Gill McGrath© April 6
(press for more detail)

12 thoughts on “today. breakfast at dawn……

  1. Super photos. Its hard to beat a good dawn. So much better than sunset in my eyes. And you have to work for it a bit harder by getting up in time.


    1. Hi John> I was a bit late for this one ! See how high sun is above the horizon….. The mist actually helped keep the sun in ‘focus’ till it was way up high this time…. bit of a treat! 🙂 🙂 thanks for your words


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