18 thoughts on “yellow fields. talcking the air….

  1. Last week I went to Malta for a few days. As we flew back low over England towards Manchester airport the whole of the countryside seemed to glow gold. I can’t remember when this first happened. When I was a boy the fields were full of wheat or barley, a gentle honey colour, now we have a vivid landscape of yellow. I do like it I have to say.

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    1. Yes I love it too…. and we may get some purple after this ( round here anyway) which is just as cheering. Its the perfume like ‘old fashioned’ talcum powder everywhere I like too but I can imagine this may make some sneeze!


  2. Oh joy! taking, talking, stalking or tackling – all the right verbs for the battle of yellow versus the light blues


  3. On my last trip to England three years ago I traveled through the countryside quite a bit and became conscious of the spectacular rapeseed fields everywhere… I don’t remember seeing so many ever before.


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