dawn chorus ~

‘hear comes the sun’
2015 05 13 1 dawn DSCN4562 jpg sigGM© 4.30am

2015 05 13 1 dawn DSCN4572 jpg sigGM©

2015 05 13 2 dawn DSCN4571 jpg sigGM©

2015 05 13 2 dawn DSCN4598 jpg sigGM©

2015 05 13 3 dawn  DSCN4607 jpg sigGM©

2015 05 13 4 dawn DSCN4653 jpg sigGM©

2015 05 13 5 dawn DSCN4677 jpg sigGM©

2015 05 13 6 dawn DSCN4676 jpg sigGM© 5.30am

2015 05 13 7 dawn DSCN4684 jpg sigGM©

2015 05 13 8 dawn DSCN4713 jpg sigGM©

2015 05 13 10 dawn DSCN4743 jpg sigGM©

Gill McGrath© May 13….. at 4.30 am till 5.35 am

Here comes the sun…press pic for detail of the little choir!
then press this > to hear ’em! ‘here comes the sun….

2015 05 13 13  dawn DSCN4741 jpg sig GM©

14 thoughts on “dawn chorus ~

  1. I enjoyed your dawn chorus so much today Gill. Each photo a bit further into the day, lovely. I’ve started a new habit about a month ago of going out onto the back deck before dawn, which I LOVE now. It is so very special to hear the cacophony of bird song in the dark, yet to not SEE any birds or movement. I find it a sacred experience, and was grateful to you for sharing yours. Then I clicked on the recording and had a surprise and a big smile to hear your delightful recording. Thank you my friend. 😀 😀


    1. How lovely to know you are out there at dawn. It is a special time and it was wonderful here today! I think the birds get used to you being part of the scene so they are especially useful when they begin to fly about looking for the best place to pose or relax or snooze like they seem to do in the rays of the sun. I find where they sit leads you to the best view! (sounds crazy) The sun has been brilliant all day. The color of today’s sunrise was such a rich warm looking color it really has matched the day…. that’s when I thought about the song. It is very summery today. Hope you were not too disappointed that it wasn’t bird song. I did do a recording of the blackbird sitting on the roof today but I need to get better at it before putting results here! Thanks Jet so much for your kind words here! 🙂 🙂

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      1. How very lovely to have summery weather! And please know I love all your posts, Gill, and am never disappointed and always enlightened. I loved the recording, listened in peace, and found it the perfect way to begin my day. Thank you, as always, my special friend. 😀


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