today. 5.30 am blur. with a strange bird……!

This little bird looks a bit of a peach as picked up by the camera in the morning glow earlier. The tiny white feathered  bird was simply sitting there facing the sun, all on his(her) own. So just three bleary shots!  and then it flew away; no time for anything clearer or any more shots. It simply disappeared. I would love to identify him(her). I have never seen anything like him(her) round here before although it could be the visitor who fleetingly visited our bird bath a day or two ago.

2015 05 21 little bird DSCN5723 jpg sig

2015 05 21 little bird DSCN5724 jpg sig

2015 05 21 little bird DSCN5725 jpg sig

2015 05 21 sunrise at 519 DSCN5674 jpg sig5.20am

2015 05 21 530 sunrise DSCN5695 jpg sig 5.29am

This is what the bird was looking at!

Gill McGrath© May 21 … another beautiful day!


16 thoughts on “today. 5.30 am blur. with a strange bird……!

  1. Birds can play with us, showing their beauty, enticing us, and then vanishing. He/she may be back, but if not, you have enjoyed a lovely visit. I love that diaphanous wing in the first photo. Keep the markings in your head; that bill is the #1 key (so pointy), the rough-edged tail and short wings are also indicators, and of course the colors. I don’t know English birds well, but I know you found a beauty. 😀


    1. Thank you so much for lovely and useful comments here. The bird was so lit up it has been difficult to pin down exactly what species he (she) is. But keeping in mind the pointed bill he (she) seems likely to be some sort of wagtail, possibly a grey wagtail. They have yellow underparts according to the book which mixed with the prevailing pink light at the time seems to have made it peachy . The common wagtail is black and white and I know them.This was different. It had a longer tail and the bird was much softer and daintier some how and so creamy. A beautiful moment .I still wonder where he went! Happy birding Jet
      🙂 🙂 x

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      1. The element of light always adds a tricky twist to bird identification, but it also adds so much beauty — those creamy, peachy moments that are unforgettable. Dearest Gill…a delight. 😀 xx


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