‘Take your boots’ she said …

Take your boots
…. and walk where
the shadows define the step downhill
which show the way to
the winding river
take a quick glance back
towards  the top of the ridge
(and wave to me)
before you walk
with care
by the water’s edge….
[ GM© June 17]
2015 06 17  2 boots  DSCN1446

2015 06 17 1 boots  DSCN1411

2015 06 17 4 boots  DSCN9280

2015 06 17 6 boots  DSCN9286

2015 06 17 7 boots DSCN8726
Gill McGrath© June 17 2015

(words are more or less what Great Granny said)
[tracing©][color me in©]

20 thoughts on “‘Take your boots’ she said …

  1. Oh my dear this is very lovely, indeed. Your great granny sure has a beautiful way with words, and your pictures fit them perfectly.

    Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~


  2. What a beautiful walk! I love to do this too! I’m so happy to see this! I haven’t been walking around as much allergies! But I will once everything has bloomed! So I’ll enjoy yours while I wait! 😀 ❤


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