9 thoughts on “Early. High. A singing in the air…..

    1. …..and that little bird couldn’t half sing. I have never heard a nightingale ( I think its a warbler of some kind) but this one was sheer music! ( weather quite cold at times here but if you add a cardigan or whatever it gets a bit hot!) X


      1. I love bird song – it always lifts my heart and spirits….we have had similar weather, cool and then hot…and so when I leave home, I am prepared for all events. Have a lovely day:)x


  1. beautiful! I caught a shot of a Cardinal and his mate out back today , a big squirrel came and chased them off, I think they were going to mate. I haven’t downloaded it yet. You certainly wake up to the most beautiful sunrise/ and catch the most lovely sunsets, amazing!


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