19 thoughts on “found. bunny dreaming. misty

    1. Barley.A lot of fields round here are ready for the plough with it! Some kind of main crop in small fields everywhere. The weather is cold and wet at the moment(may get better today) and crops all looks robust. As some fields are ploughed already the birds that usually hang round here are rooting around those places (I am guessing) although still regularly bathing here mid day! making the water in the bird bath very dusty .Kid you not!.
      As I write (6 am morning light) I can hear just one pigeon sing. Seems he still prefers the easy peanut offerings round here. The crows having done their one quick noisy gathering and hurried off…. then silence! As for the rabbits, they seem to feel safe enough in that particular field, perhaps too relaxed . No idea why the farmer leaves them there undisturbed(!) but the old plough will be pulling up soon enough in the next field for the barley and the rabbits will be in there soon enough rooting the new grassy shoots that dare to show up! ❤

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      1. hahaha Sorry I left out the reaping aspect. I am sure the farmer knows what to do first! Still a bit concerned that the rabbit doesn’t realise he will be disturbed out of his slumber pretty soon though!

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      2. The rabbits know where to go here.We don’t get over run. Just a basic number. I think they tend to be a lot smaller than your rabbits. Also some end up in soup here…. a few dishes offered in the local hotels and inns! So numbers keep down.Do you see many near you?

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