1 DSCN0166.JPG morning mist prelude.jpg sig
Last night
The evening blush
Promised early morning sun

Yet over there at break
The bird still sits
Hidden in a mist

And on the chimney hush
Another barely wakes

While the long legged watchman
On the roof
Quietly stares

1 DSCN0205 pigeon.jpg sig

2 DSCN0210 chimney.jpg sig

3 DSCN0187.JPG heron 1.jpg sig

5 DSCN0188 heron 2.jpg sig

6 DSCN0190 heron 3 JPG 1.jpg sig

7 DSCN0191 heron 3 about to fly.jpg sig

Gill McGrath© August 29
first shot: yesterday evening from window ~ late
other shots: this morning from window ~ early

26 thoughts on “Prelude

  1. Up with the lark and other feathery folk again Gill – only caught a touch of that sunset in rosy-edged clouds here so appreciate seeing it from your perspective – especially such a sharp intake of breath shot


    1. I only just managed it Laura. The general light went pink and I happened to be up stairs so got a roofy shot!. Same thing this a.m . ……walking by the same window ( at 6 …oh dear) saw the heron on the roof over the way! Have a lovely bank holiday with you and yours!

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    1. thanks Julie for your appreciation! yes the heron is a bit unusual just here. Sometimes one stops on the way to the river at the bottom of the hill and luckily he was just sat there for a bit. Enough time for a few snaps before flying off! Have a lovely day ❤

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    1. Hi Jet , Thanks for your words! The heron was a bit of surprise. He just sat there…. in time for me to grab camera and simple stare at him and snap. From there he has a big view of fields. I wondered what he was thinking! His mind is really on flying further downhill to the boggy meadow by the river but he looks here as if he is thinking of taking a bit of a change. He didn’t! ❤

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