bird tears

2015 10 20 sunflash DSCN8041.jpg sig

2015 10 20 pigeon kiss DSCN8085.jpg sig

2015 10 20 feather DSCN8008.jpg sig
The only glimpse of the sun this morning blinked on the side of a solitary van trundling along the top road. A  lonely pigeon sat on the kissing lines looking lost and ready to fly…… and then I saw it…. one wet feather ~ covered fresh in dew
Gill McGrath© October 20th . true story.[50 words]


9 thoughts on “bird tears

    1. I have been finding feathers in the garden these last few days. This one was the only wet one and it seemed very sad to me. I had to make sure the pearls didn’t move so that I could capture them with the camera. X


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