13 thoughts on “winter mild

    1. Thank you Michel for your lovely comments here . It was a big sky this morning and a glorious peek at the sun waking up. The bare branches can be fascinating at this time of year especially if a few leaves still hang on. Love Gill xx


    1. Hi Janet The morning sun is getting nearer to its winter place on the sky line beyond the open fields now, just here. Its first appearance is behind a long complicated blanket of trees so now I need to dress up properly and walk (more like chase it… in boots) as it dances crazily through along and up the ‘screen’and cloud. It may be mild for the time of year but it’s the only time of year the sun is not exposed. It plays hide and seek and is a little unpredictable (but manages to throw the odd surprize). It’s started. I know its winter whatever anyone says! Xxxxxxx (happy weekend!)


  1. Oh how I enjoyed watching, viewing, and reading about your delight and appreciation in today’s winter sun, Gill. Thank you for brightening my day in so many ways. 😀


    1. Hi Jet. I am so glad this brightened your day.The sun made it over the cloud today and although only patchy sun during the day, the morning glimpse does give me a positive flip to start the day like no other! Have a beautiful weekend my friend xx 🙂

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