13 thoughts on “where sunlight comes through at minus two~

  1. These are spectacular photos. Thank you for sharing them. They are helping to cool me down, as the temperature here in brisbane, Australia is pretty bad.


  2. You’re a tenacious lady, I was be all snuggled up somewhere, the bed probably. Lovely photos. We have a tornado on the ground near here, west of New Smyrna, I would like to get some shots, but…..bok bok.


  3. Spectacular! minus 2! brrr… coming from the tropics i dont much like winter, and it was an unseasonal minus 10 where i live right now a few days ago…. brrrrr…. those last two photos are simply amazing. sunlight and frost. has given me a whole new appreciation for winter. if only i could stay warm . 🙂


    1. I think it hit colder than minus two here that day, unbelievably cold! and yet the sun is out today and even blossom on some trees, far too early….and so crazy! xxxx Keep warm!!


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