looks like Spring is gently sprinkling…


sweet petals on trees
lit up by the mild breath of the sun
it’s reaching for summer
thinking cherry ~
without any stone
awakening in winter’s lullaby
sparkling bright on the blue

Gill McGrath© out there today. January 30. [slow down!]
so Vibrant

16 thoughts on “looks like Spring is gently sprinkling…

  1. I have seen quite a few trees locally with blossom…..and plants popping up all over the place. A beautiful image…makes me feel as if it is late March/April. Hope you enjoy a lovely weekend. Janet. xxx


    1. One minute it was soooo cold and now it seems like Spring. I hope the things growing out of time know what they are doing, we often get a really cold snap in March which bites into the tender new too early shoots and everything has to start growing again. Hugs!! xxx

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      1. I think we will have a late winter, late Feb. early March. It’s a wierd climate for sure! Hugs to you too!xxx


  2. I really liked this post, Gill, not only for the pure essence of spring and the delicate photo, but your words here are especially engaging. “mild breath of the sun” — “winter’s lullaby.” Truly delightful.


    1. hi Michel. Yes thank you I am well and yes also taken a bit of time off here. I am doing an art project but also taken bit of a rest . I have been doing a project ( art and also hacking down overgrowth in the garden!) love ❤


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