13 thoughts on “cut up

    1. No.Not me. But there are a few things in the garden that are! This one was dominating everything rambling clinging onto trees and stifling space so it and a lot more has had to go. I have been getting rid of so much (old sheds included) to create new space before the summer. Luckily the ground is still soft enough to dig. Its a big job taking up a lot of time and too much energy but it is keeping me amused! I thought the shift would upset the regular bird visitors but they seem to love it as worms and insects get uncovered . It’s a bit like a moving McDonalds freeby for them!! Next is all the shredding and composting…..xxxxx


    1. Thanks Jet! I have a great pile of that stuff turning into compost!.. I have been side tracked giving the garden a makeover lately at any spare moment [ in the cold and miserable] mostly all done now thank goodness! xxxxx


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