39 thoughts on “love the morning the sun

  1. I’ve just now looked through other posts of yours — you have an amazing landscape available to you to capture the sun…and you do that so beautifully. Most of my sunrises/sunsets are taken over water. Where in the world do you live?


    1. I live on the top of a hill (more of a ridge) in the Cotswolds Uk! No big stretches of water although a winding river does run along the bottom of the hill in a small valley!.From here the springs and the river reveal as white mists in the ridges in the right conditions but are otherwise hidden from view.

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      1. Sounds beautiful. I lived in the USA for a few years, and people there always seemed unhappy with their surroundings, and so wanted to go to Australia. It’s my belief (and experience from travelling) that beauty in nature is everywhere — we just have to look and take it in.


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