Award Free Now (due to changed circumstances….)


May 2 2014

Hi folks

I have loved receiving awards but recently it has come clear to me  that I can’t accept awards any more/. This is because I cannot give them the attention they rightly deserve simply because my work load has increased. I feel grateful and flattered to have been nominated in the past and thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to think about me. I will be constructing just one permanent  link up list  here which I am happy to place you on so that visitors who come here can visit you. Thank you again.

ABOUT ME I am leaving this here because there doesn’t seem much point to rub it out ……….
Part of the requirements of accepting awards has been to say seven things about myself.
1. And still…. I am not sure there are seven things to say about me, at least not seven things you would want to hear about. Oh yes I panic. Not good.
2. When I received these awards,god how I panicked I felt so overwhelmed about my lack of know how….. about how or where to start but then it seemed like a ‘challenge’just doing it. It became something in itself. Now I feel pleased with myself and I am flaunting the awards with pride as a side show! Not sure what that says about me!
3. I can’t stand supermarket shopping since I discovered internet shopping. I get it delivered weekly to my door (usually with a couple of cream cakes somewhere hidden in with the yoghurt).
4. I drink Coffee at any time of the day or night and apparently can’t function……. or sleep without it!(which is pretty strange) Yes it makes me sleep when I drink it at round about 4 in the morning.
5. I prefer drinking coffee in a thin bone china cup with a saucer. Not sure how that came about.
6. I like messing about in the garden if the weather is OK and I actually like cutting the grass and clipping box hedging! As long as I don’t get too cold or too hot in the summer (when we have one that is). I am talking from the UK here!
7. I like walking about in London, finding nice places for coffee, doing the galleries or strolling in the park, then going home on the bus. Yes I am the one on my own in the corner by the window at the back.
8. I never go far without camera and sketch book. I recently got a new camera and I am trying frantically to work out how to use it.The instructions are Chinese so I have to get a translation download. It may take a long time to work even when I can get to read it…

And I am leaving this here too.
I started my blog in late September 2013 and was very surprised and delighted when just before Christmas I received a flurry of awards from some amazing bloggers!
The first award to arrive was the versatile blogger award. It was given to me by Taylor Eaton who writes a delightful blog, prolifically! She s very entertaining and funny. You will find her at:
Capture versatile blogger award

And then a whole handful of Christmas bouquets came along, three in all!. They were given to me from Ajaytao2010 who has a wonderful site full of fabulous photographs, all gems.
award 1 excellencefirst-best-moment-award-winner 4award 2

Then another award called the Blog of the Year Award arrived from Sage Doyle who writes a gritty interesting and varied blog, called The Journal of Wall Grimm, which goes on growing and developing, twisting and turning. You will find it at:
Blog of the Year Award 6 star jpeg

And yet another Blog of the year Award arrived from Don Charisma and it also included the special Inventive Blogger Award found only I believe on the site! It is a wonderful entertaining, large, happy site. See it, join in, at:
Blog of the Year Award 6 star jpeg

I was also delighted to recieve the Versatile Blogger award from Gaurab who writes Processing the life. it is where you will travel for miles and learn so much if you visit there.
Capture green versatile blogger

The whole thing ( being given these awards!) sent me into a bit of a spin because I wasn’t sure if I knew how or if I could do everything needed in order to do the award justice (especially like creating links) or to say a bit about me! but I managed. So thank you all of you. I am very touched and honoured to receive each and every one. Alex Raphael’s blog is quality with new views on the familiar Taylor Eaton for giving me The Versatile Blogger Award B/W Don Charisma for giving me the Blog of Year Award 2013 and the unique Inventive Blogger Award. Blue/lego Ajaytao for giving me Christmas bouquets for Excellence; Best Moment and The Most Creative Blogger Award The Journal of Wall Grimm / Sage Doyle for giving me the Blog of the Year Award 2013 Gaurab for giving me The Versatile Blogger Award Green

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