Required Reading : my staple book collection. Always being rearranged and reviewed (in shorts).

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The original book (not the film) ‘Horton hatches the Egg’ and ‘ A Big Ball of String’ are both wonderful rhythmic read aloud poems. They are easy to read. Children are entranced and will love you  if you read both books out loud on the sofa with them (even when they can read them for themselves!) The lilts and messages will stay forever in your head and with your children  who may start  to write wonderful lines, which will sometimes rhyme. Sometimes they fly.

Be warned about ‘Winnie the Pooh’. It’s wonderful to read out loud, or a little bit softly if appropriate to children and adults alike. You will all feel loved by the time the book is put down (at any point) and the words in it cure everything but if you start to read it you may start to suck  your thumb…….. If you suck your thumb already you have probably read the book.. If you do suck your thumb and haven’t read the book you will stop sucking your the end. See it cures everything!

‘Little Grey Rabbit’s Christmas’  by Alison Uttley  and drawn by Margaret Tempest. This particular book describes snow.  Although Margaret Tempests illustrations are lovely the vision of snow ( and the feel of it) as described in the text by the author is magical and just like it is! I have only just discovered there is so much more to Alison Uttley and currently tracking some of her books to read.

The Little Prince by Antoine de saint Exupery born 1900 in Lyon. An aviator and writer who died 31 July 1944. This book is where he talks poetically  of the human condition in a strange remarkable parable. Not to be missed.

PRESS the odd bird, ketchup and other bits that  may look a bit  like Warhol to see what  I did with them . This aspect  may not be up  to date as I am always  changing and filing away and putting things somewhere else and changing my mind..  Linking,& re-linking takes time. Usually the most treasured responses of and  to poets, prose-producers & artists are the hardest to find here on my blog but they are all here. I have never thrown anything out, it all stays…..rubbish,  treasures, cleaned up laundry and finding new homes; I do  a lot of cross referencing with  buttons to press….. never quite finished though!

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