‘Always on my mind’ Willie Nelson. Elvis Presley. Brenda Lee

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‘Always on my mind’ was written by the songwriting trio of Johnny Christopher, Mark James and Wayne Carson Thompson. It was originally recorded by Brenda Lee in 1971.

Willie Nelson

Elvis Presley

Brenda Lee

Damien Rice with his own song ‘The Greatest Bastard’

3 thoughts on “‘Always on my mind’ Willie Nelson. Elvis Presley. Brenda Lee

  1. I sure like hearing the three versions of “Always on My Mind” Gill. I hadn’t ever heard the Brenda Lee version, and it’s been decades since I heard Elvis — and of course Willie Nelson is so wonderful. The Damien Rice song didn’t play, what came up instead was “The uploader has not made this video available in your country.” But I enjoyed the lyrics very much.


    1. I hadn’t realized this version would be blocked, so I am glad the words are there. I had never heard of the Brenda lee version and Willie Nelson has a beautiful voice. Elvis seems to be the one most associated with the song. It is amazing how all the versions sound a little bit different. I am so glad you enjoyed them.

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