napowrimo day 28

Monday 28  April

napowrimo……lines… gotta do lines

Raining. Everything dried. Thank you tumble drier.

The canvas is blank. Perhaps these words I said here, already count.

No, no! No they don’t.

May be a bit of rewriting will do: Added last night a  new line onto day 4….. near the end of 1,2,3, . It sounds better now. Will that do for today?

Yeh! OMG. Thank you for the song.

Washing (laundry)……seen from the lower field by Church….. where the pheasants are( I heard them last night.) (Not cat!) Never heard the birds like that. Had probably made their way into the garden. Seemed close!

So there is no need to do any more!

no post.instead.a page today.

That’s it! A page. I’ve made  a single  line. 5 words (8 sounds) that’s all.

In the absence of lines copy as posted there- herewith paged
Music: Bossinova (dancing with Fred, Rita and Elvis). Best no sound.
28th April 2014 Diary  me framed and much eliminated.

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