assorted in progress

Talking to my beautiful horizon beyond the valley in the hills………

Horizon forever in a veil
Horizon in the mist
Where you hide and tease
Your words are louder
Up there among the trees
I see your daffodils

Here by the fence
By the stinging edge

Hear by the pole
Around my feet
Rabbits play
And dare to cross the road

I squeeze shut my eyes
And hear your latest song
(In Greek)
It sounds like you
Inside my head

I squeeze my eyes ever tighter
You stay
Although your footsteps
Rising ever higher

Gill McGrath© (26 Sept 2014)

[background]Waiting by the washing line looking at the hills on the other side of the valley

From this open door
I stand I wait for you
Tracing your shadows in the fields
Which lead through long grass
Towards the mill
And then
The path
Where we would walk
Every evening
Climb the stile
And cross
The bridge
(I cannot see from here)

Then I look to the horizon
Where we would climb
I see clearly through
The mists
A line of trees
Still standing there
Where underneath the oak
You would wait for me
To climb
The hill
Behind you
Always stumbling
Always laughing

I remember
In the morning
Laying there
With Tears
Full of joy
We would count
With gentle fingers
The gaps between
Our tears
the leaves against
the breaking sky
Listen to the birds
The Church bell
The rabbits running home

From this doorstep
I count
how may footsteps
I must take to reach you
To touch your gentle face again

Along this long and lonely path
I shut my eyes
Still filling fast with tears silent
So that when at last
I feel your laughter
See you – hear
I‘ll know

I am in heaven
With you

Then my angel
I will run
towards you

Beneath this tree
Into your open arms
once more

Gill McGrath 26 Sept 2014

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