Dear Emma

The first letter I sent to Emma appeared on  September 12 2013  the day I started writing here although Emma has always been around. I air  her letters now, before she disappears in the bog and this time I am starting with page 1 then 2 then 3 and so on (as  pages, reading like a book).

I am  restructuring because the originals to my annoyance  read back to front as is the nature of a blog roll. Emma…… you are getting unreachable in this bog, and its me that put you there!

The whole point  about Emma is that she was  always there. but I had to reach her, find her, to tell her about Jack . And I did find her and tell her, so there is  less of her now; although Emma will never leave me entirely. I still  keep in touch with her everyday, all the time really, even every second, more than ever,one way or another, but  everything is by far too mundane; too something;  to splash her about in neon. So this is Emma’s particular place. Where I am not. But I’ll be back Em. And Em do you know..?.

The nice thing is……I have found that with pages not everyone comes. You are hidden;. but available here and hardly seen. Who- ever calls can stay as long as they like and not get lost and …. you don’t even have to give your name!

1 September Mundane Momnents

the rest in progress

……. collecting the letters (its a wip0

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