London a place for flowers: Rhododendron

‘Little Rhoda’

She went to the school
At the end of the road
By the old scented river
choked dead with old cabbages.
Dreaming of flowers
At the school
Where she would ne’er
Learn to write

Not even her name

Then after her lessons
She’d make
Her way home

For her tea

To a house in a line
At the end
Of the road
By the rails

Where her brother
Climbed high
For the Man
Who swept chimneys

Where the Folks
Who picked dust
Coughed and Died

Next to the trains
Belching soot
Where her mother would sew (so she said!)
Washed the sheets
Where the father she loved
Carved the wood

Yes he did

Who told his dear little Rhoda
The names of the flowers……
Who called all her daughters

A bouquet of flowers

Yes she did!
Its a sort of family thing (wip)

Rhoda (oDendron)
Rose (Mary)

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