crude filligree no better blue

So you met me by the pole where a cheeky angel spreads her wings against the Azure blue!

It’s very early.

A pink morning is revealing itself in the distance,in teasing slithers of light  peaking between two distant trees suggesting a brand new drama from where I stand…..much too close against the thud of heavy lorries speeding past.

Move along towards the pink and take no notice of the lorries. Let them honk their horns at you. You have put your lipstick on and brushed your hair ready for what you’ll see beyond.

Soon you’ll see a gap  between some fallen Cotswold stone…. still falling…where a  wall  tries hard to sit. You might just miss it, a shadow under clinging ivy. The wall, once fine. is no grand lady now. Left alone, spirit gone, has pieces missing , mossed all over. Embarrassed not about her time, she  still knows her beauty; just sits bewildered that each missing piece of her was  taken one by one, to add to a wall in some other grand location,near or far, or polished now behind some  close cottage piece with pretty door.
to be continued (maybe 299 to go)

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