Purple veil

When night and sleep have all but disappeared from you
And the silence of the night does what it does
Look for me so you can steal the night from me and I will give my day to you.

But I must take and keep the night light that’s there inside of you; that found its way to me before.
So I can feast the sulphur light that glides and shines from you, into and through my dreams.
Just bring it with you in the space between every shimmering star you see
Then come to hide and breathe with me within my sleeping purple veil.

Let me know you’re there before you put your arms around me
Though I will sleep; I still must dream.
Stay forever
and consume me
Before the sulphur burns away
And chases me towards the day

And take you miles away from me.

Embrace me now and sway with me.
I want to feel your heart on mine
to feel you picking every leaf from me.
So I can sleep and stretch and sigh.
Not quite awake. Not quite asleep.

You must not close your eyes.
Just watch for my sun behind you sulphur moon.
I’ll still be there when morning comes

Stay with me until your absence wakes me
When morning dew begins to overtake my soul
While I am still aware that every part of me has been in some other place
And while my heart still pulses in your dreams…
With me, still swaying to your heart beat.
Dew, still being squeezed from me

And only then
Can you take my day with you


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