setting out with a camera

For anyone who wanders here …….Hello

On March 23  2014 I took the  first picture with my brand new camera.  I had bought to photograph the moon, but this was a sunrise! And glistening…..

Sun outshines moon

The bank of cloud was breathtaking between the houses opposite . A sun moment

On May 26 (2014) at  4.16 the moon had its moment over there.  I saw this  sliver of moon (for moments only)……….

2014 05 26 trapping the moon jpg sig

between the Poles caught! Look close at the sliver of moon sitting there. You may need to squeeze picture  to see. It wasn’t there for long ( maybe just 15 minutes that night/morning) and to date the moon has not been seen since.. The same poles have caught the moon and  caught the sun precisely here before (compare wires).

2014 05 18 Sun on my washing line 5,30am jpg sig


Earlier in the year I had seen the sun come up here standing by my washing line. Sometimes the sky was clothed in golden cloud  Sometimes simply naked, rising ; no clouds at all.The moon had been regularly stopping right outside my bedroom window to wake me up seemingly to tell me to go watch the sun so I’ve got used to waking early and doing just that!

Now it seems this was a real game of hide and seek being played out between all the houses just here…. the sun , the moon and me!I

So what was this that happened on May 26 ? I was  awake early as usual. I couldn’t blame the moon, I hadn’t seen him for days and days. I was just simply awake. I had gone downstairs and with a coffee in hand I had made my way back upstairs and noticed the spreading pink line over the hills from the upstairs window which looks north, so with  a few shots done  and dusted the camera suddenly  went flat. Knowing the sunrise would  come again tomorrow  I wasn’t  too disappointed. I could simply look out of the upstairs window l. Just enjoy, I thought.But I put the camera on charge…….Then I noticed (out of the corner of my eye) a small sliver of light , like a sword, fingernail, the moon, just  poking up above the dark veil of cloud, between the houses near a pole near   where the sun had been coming  up not so long ago. I wouldn’t have seen it if I had been holding the camera at the sun because. I had no idea the moon would arrive  just there,  or anywhere just then . Moon had all but disappeared from the other side of the house for a week or so, where he had been waking me.   I knew it was only going to last for  a moment more as the moon was moving fast  towards the cloud above,, so I dashed downstairs  to get the camera hoping there was enough charge to catch his climb. I reckon that first sliver appeared  just about 4 minutes before the photo was taken (the camera says the shot was taken at 4 16 am) and I could see the moon getting higher and higher in what seemed like just a few minutes until he hid in  the blue cloud above and  disappeared there.The  Sun continued to  tease at the end of the road in those minutes of magic not quite awake, not quite asleep I guess.I didn’t care, this was my moon moment!.

The moon was in fact  appearing for the very first time for the entire night ( I looked this up later and it seems that the moon only had about half an hour to get up and away again  just then.. And what I saw  of him represented even less time as he was  confined in the space between the sheets of cloud ……. but I got him!.

Where the moon was today, was the place where the  sun  had flashed onto  the tree and  a few .weeks ago

2014 04 13 tree in reflection of sunset jpg sig


Anyway, the picture below  is  where the sun is  in place at 4.16 at the end of the road down the hill  whilst that moon was  acting  fingernails. The pictures are  seconds between! By the time I looked back for the moon…… he had gone.

What was this moment? moon light or sun light? Day or night ? or the magic second between?

2014 05 26  04.16 While the Moon gets caught up in the lines at the other end  the sun plays jpg sig


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