Summer’s End: words to my flying pretty ones. a song without music. [lullaby]waiting for the music

I know (you know)
It is just another plane
That will take you (all)
(from me) (again)
But you will be so far away…….
Just one more cup of tea?
Before you go
And while you’re up there in the sky tonight
Say hello
To the moon
For me
He’ll know
That when I wake
He’ll need to wipe my tears away
And you must know
He’ll be with me
Every night again
Now that you are gone
To remind me of today
And how you……..
(were here with me)
(took my breath away)
(were with me for a while) what can I say?
Just one more cup of tea
Before you go?

Gill McGrath© 21 August 2014

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