A Fandangle

and spangles
found scratching
around the edge of Mabel’s field
in the sun this morning….
2015 06 15  511 spangle fan dangle DSCN0836 jpg sig 2015 06 15 900 1600 spangle fan danglel DSCN1006 jpg sig

2015 06 15 954  spangle fan dangle DSCN0979 (2) jpg sig

2015 06 15 954 spangle fan dangle DSCN0982 (2) jpg sig

2015 06 15 955 spangle fan dangle DSCN0986 jpg

2015 06 15 1607 spangle fan dangle DSCN1039 jpg sig

2015 06 15 1604  spangle fan dangle DSCN1032 jpg sig

2015 06 15 1610 spangle fan dangle DSCN1017  jpg sig
Later back home
on the roof
found Jack
another bright spark…….
scratching too!
2015 06 15  1601 spangle fan dangle DSCN1019 jpg sig

Gill McGrath © June 15

catching the moment……

at seven the sun a peach caught in a  pretty haze
dancing  in and out the wires!
vanilla mists on the field in full cling caught casting dew
on every blade of grass making violets drip
with diamonds on the scented path
then blue skies and magnolia …at last
(and Jack in ermine strutting his stuff close by) – Gill McGrath©

2015 04 09 0711 caught in the wires jpg sig 7.11am~~~

2015 04 09 0709 garden rise  jpg sig

2015 04 09 0724 dew wetting feet DSCN9335 jpg sig7.24am [press picture for the dew]

2015 04 09 0728 violets in dew jpg sig 7.28am

2015 04 09 1033 1 Jack jpg sig 10.30am~~

2015 04 09 1033 Jack jpg sig

2015 04 09 1025 magnolia jpg sig Gill McGrath© April 9 a very beautiful day. found blackbird nest

what is it they see?

summer time
is it summer?
are they looking for planes?
or the kite
that can’t fly
that has been flying all day
in the wind
in the sky
unnerving the crows
Gill McGrath ©

2015 03 30  on a line  jpg sig

2015 03 30 29 yesterday night sky jpg sig

2015 03 30 29b  yesterdays sky jpg sig


2015 03 30 magic bean 800 jpg sig

2015 03 30 29 bean jpg sig

2015 03 30 todays sky and a kite jpg sig ‘Kite’ (one of them)

I remember standing at the sink at the end of last summer and picking through the last of the runner beans to slice up for the last pot of the season and finding, as usual, one special pink and black dotted bean and declaring it magic, how we would have to plant it and then leaving it on the window sill! After that it’s a bit of a haze as to what happened to it. Did n’t give it another thought! But just a couple of weeks ago a new leaf, appeared in the Aloe Vera pot which has sat on the same window sill for over a year now! The new shoot, clearly a runner bean, has grown rapidly in just a few days clinging to the green fingers of the Aloe Vera and it is now flying up a stick reaching for the sky! Come on Jack tell me it was you who put it there… in that pot before you left, and that you have been waiting for news! I know it’s something you would do, and then not say a word! The leggy stalk is nearly three feet high with no place to go but up, and it really is getting too tall for indoors. I think it is trying to get out of the window but it’s a bit too cold to put outside especially as your Aloe Vera would have to go outside with it, and it can’t. I know it’s a bit early but I think the bean can’t wait to see you in the summer!
Gill McGrath © March 30 2015

(pictures of sky activity taken in the last 24 hours)

Moon walk

2014 06 05  Moon  9.30pm jpg sig 2
Dear lovely Em,
Long time no see. Bit of a lonely road to the field where the rabbits are, where the sunset goes down.But after what seems like weeks of no moon in the sky, he arrived last evening!…. Its either been too cloudy or too something at the time the moon might have been there to make a brief appearance….. Either way he was missed even if he could be seen! But last night (as a result of the moon being clear and bright up there above where the kite is caught up in the tree by the road I thought I would take a walk, over to where the sky was getting pinker. And…. As I walked, the moon kept up with me, side on, all the way there. And he stopped when I stopped! And the biggest miracle of all he turned round and walked with me all the way back home, an hour and a half later. One of the times When he stood still I took this photo (raw, so the sky is black though it wasn’t)so here is the close up for you. The best I could do! I reckon he looked better through the trees a bit farther away actually ( on auto) and the sky deep blue. Less rabbits in the field too and the ones that were there ran away! So you got my moon walk! Love Rosie (love to all)

Moon 9.30 pm June 5 GillMcG©