9 thoughts on “Jack & son sitting on the roof

  1. This is precious! Such a sweet little creature, I am amazed that you were able to catch such a stunning shot! Cheers Gill!


    1. Awww Holly. Thank you. It really was an easy shot. I noticed them on the roof and took the first shot not expecting any more but the little guy just sat there looking perplexed ( he does look sad!) when his dad flew off and so I had time to focus in on him. By the way his daddy did come back for him so all was well in the end and of course two ‘ermine chested’ Jacks is great news!

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  2. Isn’t it great to observe nature. I love this photo of the perplexed little Jack. I have a resident mama robin, and her chicks flew the neat, but the next day, one of her babies stood boldly just beyond a bush waiting for daddy. A peanut reward.


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