Damien Rice…..

Damian Rice ~ poet & musician sings ‘The Greatest Bastard’

but is he? other apologies

I made you laugh, I made you cry
I made you open up your eyes
Didn’t I?

I helped you open out your wings,
your legs, and many other things
Didn’t I?

Am I the greatest bastard that you know?
The only one who let you go?
The one you hurt so much you cannot bear?

Well we were good, when we were good
When we were not misunderstood

You helped me love, you helped me live
You helped me learn how to forgive
Didn’t you?

I wish that I could say the same
But when you left, you left the blame
Didn’t you?

Am I the greatest bastard that you met?
The only one you can’t forget?
Am I the one your truth’s been waiting for?

Or am I just dreaming once again?
Some dreams are better when they end

Some make it, mistake it
Some force and some will fake it
I never meant to let you down
Some fret it, forget it
Some ruin and some regret it
I never meant to let you down

We learn to wag and tuck our tails
We learn to win and then to fail
Didn’t we?

We learn that lovers love to sing
And that losers love to cling
Didn’t we?

Am I the greatest bastard that you know?
When will we learn to let this go?
We fought so much, we’ve broken all the charm

But letting go is not the same
As pushing someone else away

So please don’t let on
You don’t know me
Please don’t let on
I’m not here
Please don’t let on
You don’t love me
‘Cause I know you do
I know

That some make it, mistake it
Some force and some will fake it
I never meant to let you down
Some fret it, forget it
Some ruin and some regret it
I never meant to let you down
I never meant to let you
I never meant to let you down
I never meant

Compare Damien to the song ‘Always on my Mind’ [Press link] sung by Willie Nelson, Elvis Presley and Brenda Lee!

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one piano and a mocking bird

performed by Regina Spektor on her piano

( more of Regina Spektor  to be found on link at bottom of  this page  in an article ‘one piano one voice’)

Here is her beautiful voice and unique version
of the old lullaby mocking bird
talking medical plans
pregnancy tests and
…Marilyn Monroe
to help baby

the words…..

Hush, little baby, don’t say a word
Papa’s gonna buy you a mockingbird
And if that mockingbird don’t mock real well, then
Papa’s gonna buy you a freedom bell
Oh, and if that freedom bell don’t ring
Papa’s gonna buy you a cubic zirconia ring
Oh, and if that cubic zirconia ring don’t shine
You’re gonna give your papa a real hard time
Now ain’t you?
Ain’t you, baby, ain’t you?

And if that real hard time don’t pass
Papa’s gonna get wrinkles all upon his face
And then he’ll blend in with all the other papas then
Screw the whole mockingbird situation,
We can’t even afford a medical plan
Now, can we?
Oh baby, now can we?

This song won’t do, let’s start this over…
Let’s start this over

Hush, little baby, here comes the sandman
Papa’s gonna buy you a medical plan
Oh, and if that medical plan don’t cover your ass
Papa’s gonna buy you a pregnancy test
Oh, and if that pregnancy test comes out positive
Well then, girl, I don’t know how the hell we’re gonna live
Maybe on your bright ideas
Maybe on cigarette butts
Maybe on bubblegum wrappers
Maybe on penalty shots

Hush, little baby, don’t you cry
You know to you, your papa would never ever lie
Oh, hush while I sing to you this crude little lullaby
And I’ll get you all that shit one day by and by
But in the meanwhile
Well in the mean, mean… meanwhile

Hush, little baby, don’t say a word
Papa’s gonna buy you a mockingbird
Oh, and if that mockingbird don’t sing
Papa’s gonna buy you a diamond ring
A real diamond, no cubic nothing
Like in the movies with that…
What’s her name… Monroe… Marilyn…
A real diamond, a real diamond…
Hush, hush…


Regina Spektor

Published by
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group


ONE PIANO more to be found on Regina Spektor

~OK Go ~Rube Goldberg Machine~ this too shall pass……

See what happens to the TV when you throw something at it

Follow these links:for more on the artist Rube Goldberg (born 1883 died 1970)who, as a child, was discouraged to draw by his parents!

press picture below for the
words and another video version
of this ‘OK Go’ song…
OK GO Let it go

OK Go ~ “This Too Shall Pass” from the album “Of the Blue Colour of the Sky”

walking above hill mist towards the sun…..

8.29 am I am passing by the mists rolling around to the side and heading further along the road which is  clear…..
2015 01 04 mist left jpg sig
press pic for detail

8.30 am I am turning the bend passed wooded bits to the right…….
2015  01 04  sun appearing through mist 8.29 am jpg sig
and getting closer it seems …
2015 01 04  sun up  road side  8.31am  jpg sig
……closer towards the sun which is climbing out of a mist. Soft light…..
2015 01 04 sun up in a mist  8.35 am  jpg sig
By 8.32 am The sun starts to disappear. Here it is still a small sliver. Just about visible….. in its own mist!…..
2015 01 04 sun gone going 8.36am jpg sig
then by my feet ~
a small voice starts to sing
in hill mists still thickening
the bejeweled stinger
now firmly unstrung
from it’s cobweb
unable to sting
sings silent
music here
all over
2015 01 04 stinger frost jpg sig
Home again
with coffee
and Andrew Marr (‘am’ politics show on the tele)
Gill McGrath ® today. January 4. multiple mist scenes will follow  press link

2014 01 04 sun up road  8 30 am jpg sig




Listen to the kids who play in landfill

The kids are so good at playing they now travel with the orchestra they made, playing Beethoven!
Each instrument played, is made from rubbish found in the slums of Paraguay by the young person playing it. It is where these kids live and it is music from their hearts. They talk about it here in the two following short clips.
What a change from all the other rubbish going on in the world!

If you can stay here on this post for a bit longer play these two extra clips from the Ted lectures with Favio Chavez Orchestra Director who tells how it all started  (film October 2013)

honeysuckle for faerie music

2014 07 19 honey suckle  and hoverfly jpg sig

Garden.  Sweet perfume has been hanging in the air for days but I only realized what it was last night; flowers growing in the tall beech hedge (which is in desperate  need of a hair cut). It seems that a fanfare of honeysuckle has been reaching up through the hedge and has finally burst out at the top…..into gentle,peach pink trumpet blossoms with heraldic scrolls, lush tendrils. How could I have missed it? Today, after a  night of thunder and lightening and rain bursts, the perfume is louder and ever more intoxicating. The hair cut will have to wait……Diary  Gill McGrath. July 19