Matinee: Looking at the birds (who watch the sun come up)

2014 04 27 Birds Hermia Lysander  Helena jpg sig

With time to dream
I snapped the birds
Who march in step!
Along the lines, right by my house.

Meet Helena (who flew away)
And Hermia…. who will be biting Lysander soon!

Left to right: Hermia, the loved up Lysander and….. Helena. (Demetrius is off)
(‘All the world’s a stage’: Showing most afternoons)
Gill McGrath. Diary 27th April

Acting Space

I was reading
A Philosophy
By Andy Warhol .…….
Laying on the cushions on my great big sofa
(Which I treat more like a bed).
Not feeling at all lovely
Watching tele
Feeling slummy,
Peeling spuds!
While I read

(Call it multi- tasking!)

And then the master said
It’s glamorous
Living  in one room
With just a bed!
And doing everything there…..

(Call it multi tasking!)

Here’s the actual words he said:
‘Everything is more glamorous when you do it in bed anyway.
Even peeling potatoes’

So with my spuds now ready for the pan
And from……………….my sort of bed
I suddenly felt glamorous
(And ready to act carrots!)  No, no, no!

Gill McG

Script: full blooded plagiarism: the lady is stressed. Act 2

2014 04 25 all the world's a stage jpg sigFor act 1 press  (not essential, this is soap)

Today’s Script:

Woman: (scrubbing at kitchen sink)
Visitors are on their way
The place is in a mess
Can’t find any words to say except
Stress, stress, stress!

Will: (calmly enters from left………)
To bed, to bed! There’s knocking at the gate:
Come, come, come,
Come give me your hand.
What’s done cannot be undone……
To bed, to bed, to bed!

GillMcG diary (not) 25th April (first 4 lines)
(Last 5 lines ripped  from the play that can’t be named. author Shakespeare)
napowrimo day 25.

Act 1 no one noticed her agony  (day 7 #napowrimo)