21 thoughts on “by a shoe shop window~

  1. I can understand you being distracted by the roses but haven’t wellies changed a lot over the years?
    You could try ebay as they have some nice styles and I promise you won’t drown before they arrive.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    1. I think they are special occasion shoes. Wear once and throw away or keep in the box. The last pair appear to be bridal…..they have bride and groom heels….so.a sort of momento. A bit like buying a fancy teapot collection….the kind that never gets used!


  2. Do not be upset ,Gill, but I know by experience all women are ecstatic and eben are fainting in front of a shoes shop show.
    But here I have to say this one is specially artistic and I would take pleasure to watch .
    You know see what is beautiful.
    Love ❤


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