Guest post: “London: A Place for Flowers & Buying Shoes” – by Gill McGrath

AND BY THE WAY…… those are Spikes words about himself  up there…… where he mentions ears growing  and so on! (and the shoes are mine!)……..

Thanks to Uncle Spike for giving me the space on your blog ! 

The full article I wrote is in the Journal section  in the links to pages  in the panel at the top of this blog.

Uncle Spike's Adventures

In addition to sitting back and dumbfoundedly observing the size of my ears expand, I continue my ‘middle age’ quest for a bit of much needed class… even if not in real life, I decided at least my blog should be a bit more ‘growed-up’ at times (yeah right).

And to that end, Uncle Spike has managed to snag another guest blogger with a difference for you this week; please click your mouse buttons in unison for our very own artist and dare I say, critic… Gill McGrath



I am often find myself in London, in the name of art! Here is a little piece I wrote in my ‘diary’ two years ago; twelfth night; winter; and deals lightly with the pluses and minuses of that particular winter’s day……….




“London: A Place for Flowers – and buying shoes”


The day was meant to be a…

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