6 thoughts on “blind eyes to the street dance: shoes are as high as a kite.

  1. I’m always impressed by (though not necessarily happy about) the skill needed to fling a pair of trainers or similar over high wires: it’s hard enough trying to shoot a basket let alone two objects tied together, each with their own centre of gravity. (Much easier too to shin up a statue and place a traffic cone on top. I would imagine.) How many goes are needed, and why have I never seen it happen?


    1. I was afraid ……. when I put this one out….. I might be accused of staging this shot, as the shoes are perfectly placed…an almost elegant display; that I might be accused of putting them there! I had n’t even thought of the difficulties of chucking a pair of joined up shoes over a wire from the ground as you describe ….. perhaps they were; an art indeed!
      You say you have never seen anyone in the act of chucking shoes so high! It may be a ‘first’ for dangling shoes just here , where this pair hang high , strung up , just short of the students union and right above several drinking cellars, but it may be a well rehearsed ‘hand me down act’ where flinging shoes about and landing them exactly, is common enough. And this is just another pair hurtled high into the air!
      Rather than how they flew I had been dealing more with my astonishment that people who passed me by (as I fiddled with my camera ) did not laugh or point in delight and amazement to see the shoes strung up there, dangling in such style and so polished too! Even a mother with a grumpy child in a pushchair rushed past me and right under where the shoes dangled. She did n’t even point at them to cheer up baby!
      Consider as I have done: the shoes have not been thrown at all! It struck me as I photographed this pair that this is staged……. placed by someone who did carefully slide out of a window and tied up the pair along the high wire as some strange temporary sign, perhaps in some drunken clueless, state of mind. On the left there is a small remnant of a party paper stream, stuck in the top of a drain…… so much more may have gone on.
      Or maybe the joined up shoes arrived at where they hang now, extra hurriedly through an open upper floor window where some sweet girl lives with a boy……. and where they argued and he wants to leave. And she has stopped him……. Held him in his tracks and robbed him of his shoes to make him stay. And she has (slipped or) thrown his tied up shoes out of reach along the wires and now he cannot leave and he is still imprisoned there, shoe-less, whimpering in her arms………..
      And me- thinks you know too much about shinning statues and the placing of traffic cones!


      1. No, I’m the one not full of care | Who had the time to stand and stare | While others did the dirty deed | And took the rap. I did not lead!

        Like the way you imagined different scenarios, none of which occurred to me!


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