Saturday the day for shopping…..

Ah yes the shopping! I thought I would walk over to the  field  along a thicket covered road which  cuts away towards the sun. I suddenly found this happening by the field gate. First shot!
2015 01 24 first shot of the sun jpg sig
Gill McGrath© 8.00am

and so it rose a little more…..
2015  01 24 beyond the  fields more fields jpg sig
Gill McGrath©

How far the horizon from here I do not know!
2015 01 24 sun over the fields full jpg sig
Gill McGrath©

Couldn’t resist catching the old blackberry grabbing the light. The peach light under the sun and thorns is an old  paper bag looking like a piece of crushed satin right now!
(Press to see)
2015 01 24 sun on  bramble edge jpg sig
Gill McGrath©

Back home now,  in the garden  and over the fence, the sun had followed me…..2015 01 24 sun garden jpg sig
Gill McGrath© 8.26 am

Along the road a  tree was silently catching its own  bit of orange ~~~~.
Just then the van rolled up with the groceries. Shopping!  Oh yes, that stuff I had ordered on the internet last night; nearly forgot!~ Best way to shop!!!2015 01 24 catching the light jpg sig
Gill McGrath© 8.27 am


Listen to the kids who play in landfill

The kids are so good at playing they now travel with the orchestra they made, playing Beethoven!
Each instrument played, is made from rubbish found in the slums of Paraguay by the young person playing it. It is where these kids live and it is music from their hearts. They talk about it here in the two following short clips.
What a change from all the other rubbish going on in the world!

If you can stay here on this post for a bit longer play these two extra clips from the Ted lectures with Favio Chavez Orchestra Director who tells how it all started  (film October 2013)