Saturday the day for shopping…..

Ah yes the shopping! I thought I would walk over to the  field  along a thicket covered road which  cuts away towards the sun. I suddenly found this happening by the field gate. First shot!
2015 01 24 first shot of the sun jpg sig
Gill McGrath© 8.00am

and so it rose a little more…..
2015  01 24 beyond the  fields more fields jpg sig
Gill McGrath©

How far the horizon from here I do not know!
2015 01 24 sun over the fields full jpg sig
Gill McGrath©

Couldn’t resist catching the old blackberry grabbing the light. The peach light under the sun and thorns is an old  paper bag looking like a piece of crushed satin right now!
(Press to see)
2015 01 24 sun on  bramble edge jpg sig
Gill McGrath©

Back home now,  in the garden  and over the fence, the sun had followed me…..2015 01 24 sun garden jpg sig
Gill McGrath© 8.26 am

Along the road a  tree was silently catching its own  bit of orange ~~~~.
Just then the van rolled up with the groceries. Shopping!  Oh yes, that stuff I had ordered on the internet last night; nearly forgot!~ Best way to shop!!!2015 01 24 catching the light jpg sig
Gill McGrath© 8.27 am


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