all tied to a safe place…..

the blue things
some with wheels
some with wings
~some bright yellow
almost out of view
2015 04 25 bars DSCN2134 jpg sig

2015 04 25 close to the rails DSCN2142 jpg sig

2015 04 24  lock out DSCN2134 jpg sig

2014 04 25 bars and flowers DSCN2140 jpg sig

2015 04 25 come closer DSCN2140 jpg sig

2015 04 26  25 buttercup by rails DSCN2137 jpg sig
(press pics for the blue and yellow petal detail) Gill McGrath© Saturday. April 25

and.. the latest up-date about ……The Kite that can’t fly ~

looks like a bird now!
no voice
still there
in summer dress
disappearing out of view  (sky project©)

2015 04 26  kite who cant fly DSCN1038 jpg sig GM© sky project©

sky project    < press the  links  one for story the other for  the kite’s appearance in July 2014!  The kite has been here on top of the hill in the tree since summer 2013 untouched!