ABOUT a Kite that can’t Fly and a Snail that Can ! And watching the Moon GOoooo….

….. towards floaty music for the night time car ride home:
‘I believe I can fly’

2014 05 10 i wish I could fly Kite jpg sig(squeeze for a kite)
The kite has been stuck up there since the end of  last summer and has been there for all to see in the bare branches all winter. No one can get it down, although we did try. It has seen every sunrise from there ever since. So weighing the restraints of being stuck up there against sitting in a prize place; where it can play up there with the moon and the stars and even count cars; the kite can’t be that unhappy! So there it stays. We photograph it from time to time and hang it up on a white wall and compare leaves (or no leaves at all) and admire the blue against  blue and change the colours generally. It has become a project; a piece of art outside the bathroom! Or, the kite can be seen from afar as a delightful sign post out on the road which shows everyone where we live near a pole. It still wishes it could fly though…..
2014 0509 UFO or the snail with aspirations to fly jpg sig(press to see the snail a bird and slime)
……and here’s another one who thinks it can fly, but who  cannot  so has decided to settle for sliding up glass. A snail. Its not the first time he has done this (he is well photographed but is not hanging on walls yet). If you have ‘squeezed’ for the bird you will see that the snail  is flying higher than the bird on the line! Or at least it looks like that. The snail either believes he can fly or  he is just an act,  kidding everyone. Actually he is due to disappear ; when some other bird will fly at the window and eat him rather dramatically….

We all really wanted  to believe that the snail could fly. Its seriously good  fun to play really clever and funny tricks with the camera, when it rains and the house is full…Someone wanted to call him a UFO or maybe a flying owl  but we all  got stuck on calling him a  snail, a snail who can fly  although  this one was brought down to earth as mentioned above fairly quickly……..

Little Pony was found in the bathroom, too late. And one pink sock was found just as the car left…… The moon, must have started to move, as fast as they were, just then…..
Gill Diary
Below: Song for all kites and snails (visiting or otherwise)
who watch the moon go fast (in cars).
GillMcG copyright 2014.for FH/SKYProject

But remember to watch out for the big bird who will eat you if you keep sliding up glass.

7 thoughts on “ABOUT a Kite that can’t Fly and a Snail that Can ! And watching the Moon GOoooo….

  1. What a delightful post. The kite with your wonderful words can be a lesson for us. When we get stuck somewhere, look closely at the situation because there will be some magic in other ways.
    Love the power you have given snail. He obviously met a grisly death but you made him soar higher than bird.
    Love your words and playful photography. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for your delightful comments and glad you liked the kite and snail as they are a bit of a continuing thing and I have been meaning to do something with ‘ them’. The kite is still as bright in colour as the first day in spite of the seasons and the rain and winds. Snails vary! Have a lovely day 🙂


    1. Ah! Maybe the kite is a bird
      Or is it a kite who thinks its a bird?
      Or is it a bird who thinks its a kite
      Whatever it is, its a kite…….
      A kite who cant fly
      Hardly shakes its tail feathers……
      But its in quite a nice tree!
      With lots to see
      ……….And don’t you dare think that its me!

      (I just found the kite and took the photo)


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