the gaze

over there
a breeze
a gentle drum
a line of trees
are calling where we danced entwined forever
counting stars between the leaves
where dew on strings
breathes now the music
pale pearls of mist beneath our feet
forever softly whispering
sweet empties to the beat

Gill McGrath© today
2016-04-30 from window  DSCN4408.jpg sig
admiring the view by window with my muse early morning april end


today- watching them watching

them getting away from it all…..round about 9 o’clock
2015 04 05 yesterday getting away from it all jpg sig
not sure if they are coming or going
2015 04 05  kinda nice 5 jpg sig
above it all the jackdaw pair
2105 04 05 kinda nice 2 jpg sig
We are all fascinated with this particular Jackdaw pair who survey everything as they hang out in their nest on the chimney over the way and also in the trees where they count the cars-
We are fascinated with the daddy’s unique white feathers on his head and front. He looks royal and is the only one like it in the flock so he is easy for us to spot!- I guess the mother bird can pick him out just as easily and see what he gets up to!

At 7 this morning ( maybe it tried before that)  the sun shone promising a nice day…..took the photo….. as it turned out the sun went in quickly and wasn’t as bright as it’s promise ….
2015 04 05 kinda nice quarter to seven jpg sig
decided to hang out at home…….

But the sun did come out in the end….in the  evening…… and for as long as it lasted it looked like a half eaten Easter egg still in bright wrapping and hiding in the trees! Yeah!

2015 04 05  715  sunset jpg sig

2015  04 05 735  sunset 735 jpg sig

2015 04 05  sunset 731  jpg sig [three stages the descent between 7.15 and 7.35 tonight]

Nice chilled  but busy sort of day. The weather forecast for tomorrow is sun so with any luck will  definitely plant the seed potatoes and cut the grass (maybe)

Gill McGrath© Today. Diary. Easter Sunday  April 5

Duke’s Diary : LATEST!!! “I HAVE A CUNNING PLAN AUNTY GILL” [episode 4]

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Update: Duke the talking bird from Uncle Spikes farm in Turkey wants to be the top bird but its Pablo who is the king, so Pablo gets the girls!……..
( press the camel for Uncle Spike’s blog  and enjoy everything that goes on at the farm )
Dukes Diary Front Page
Uncle Spikes AdventuresChapter 4:If you haven’t seen Duke here before  you can press the talking bird logo for more or simply read on…………….

Yo Aunty Gill, it’s me again, Duke-Cocka-Locky, your rooster nephew from Türkiye. Ok, so I’m still chasing after Miss Fluffy Bum, but she still seems to be the favoured gal of the Boss. As he’s older, taller, and faster than me, I’m gonna have to continue being sneaky in order to grab the occasional cuddle with said lady friend I guess. You see, this is Pablo – what do you think, he is a bit scary isn’t he?

Duke 07

As it’s been a bit wintery here of late, the woodshed is now half empty of logs and coal sacks, so I reckon that means there is somewhere to sneak off to and ‘play’. Pablo the boss doesn’t go in there much, so I have claimed it as my territory for now. The girlies like to go in there every day anyway – I dunno what they do though; they seem to just sit in a crate for half an hour, then come out and prance around making a heck of a racket. But Farmer Spike seems pleased with their antics, so that must be a good thing, right?
Duke 08

I wanted to send you a foto of Miss Fluffy Bum… err, and her ‘fluffy bum’, but she just won’t darned stay still long enough – sorry Aunty Gill… Hey, maybe I can get one of those stooped ‘selfie sticks’ and then sneak up on her – I can see a cool plan here, eh? The only one I managed was this one, when she was having a girlie chat with Imelda one day in the orchard – Miss Fluffy is the honey on the right.
Duke 09

I was telling another of my half-sister’s about my idea for cuddles in the woodshed just the other day. She listened quite intently, as you can see in this picture Farmer Spike took for me, so I reckon this woodshed idea is gonna help in my plan for world farm domination!
Duke 10

Not much else happening around here this month Aunty Gill, but as you can see, I have enough to deal with already –  Byeeee….
Love, your Rooster Nephew, Duke xx

Dear Duke,Thank you for your update on Miss Fluffy Bum. She does look a bit of a busy body with plenty of things to do, perhaps she hasn’t noticed you yet! And Pablo looks quite scary! Be careful how you go with him  especially if you are talking about wood shed domination !   Love Aunty Gill

see you here same time next month March 20