8.15 ~ tonight~ unwrapping the lace ~

pulling on strings
finding the flowers
and a few other things….

2015 04 24 23  2000 DSCN1810 jpg sigGM©

2015 04 24 2026 without DSCN2064 jpg sigGM©

2015 04 24 2027  with DSCN2066 jpg sigGM©

2015 04 24 pink DSCN1684 jpg sigGM©

April 24 late. diary. on my way to the bins with the trash ~ didn’t expect to see the sun just then ~ the sky had got so cloudy ~ what a surprise ~ (went back for the camera!) Gill McGrath©

11 thoughts on “8.15 ~ tonight~ unwrapping the lace ~

  1. Your photo, always, put a smile on my face. I’ve been wintering in Florida; heading back North, and yet have not take one photo of the sun setting. Yours are inspiring,


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