26 thoughts on “birds thinking of dancing in the moonlight this weekend…….

  1. Loving the bird photos. I’ve been photographing at the rookery., being spring, activity never ending: egret parents coming and going, unruly chicks clamor, anhinga fanned wings, blue herons, to name a few, even a young alligator glides in the pond. Many thanks for sharing your photos, and verses written. Connie


    1. I am so glad you like the bird photos. The birds can be so entertaining and so close to home! We don’t get alligators but I understand there are a few heron
      that gather near the river a big walk from here! Gill ❤


  2. woo-hoo! Loved the dancing post Gill, the pigeons and bathing songbird photos were lovely. But my total delight came in the video. I like old movies, and Rita Hayworth is my FAVORITE DANCER OF ALL TIME. This clip was like a giant banana split, with four solid minutes of nothing but her entrancing talents. There were even a few clips I didn’t recognize, which is a fun surprise too. Many thanks! 😀


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