17 thoughts on “trees over there. watching summer shift. roadside

  1. I love your title here, Gill, and the beautiful moments you have captured of shifting summer — bales of hay collected and packed, the late summer treat of vibrant sunflowers, and the amber sunshine shots. 😀


    1. Thank you Jet for your comments and appreciation. The summer was indeed shifting. We were sitting at a pavement cafe with coffee in hand and these great farm trailers filled with hay started trundling past one after the other. the picture here is the middle section of one of them as it went by. What a sight! just as I was kidding myself summer had stood still for a bit! xxxx.

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  2. I don’t think I have seen a more beautiful sunflower…of course I love the dog, those soulful eyes, wonderful photos.


    1. They were huge beautiful flower heads someone had tied with string to the seat situated half way up the hill and seemed to be bowing to the hay trailers which had just gone by. The dog is often seen sitting there while the owner shops in the small grocery store and he was watching the hay trailers as they passed by…. patiently. Quite a show while sipping coffee at a pavement table!

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    1. Hi there and thanks for your appreciation here. There is certainly a different sort of light in the mornings at the moment suggesting notes of autumn , although I am sure we will get a bit more summery sun and blue sky yet….. the dog …. so patient…. who often waits their while his owner shops is on the look out for it, like me. Have a great day Janet! xxx


    1. Glad you like the pouch Julie. That seems to be his patch as he is quite often there while the owner is shopping groceries! He gleams and is so patient! He was watching (unfazed) the huge hay trailers moving along the road. We were drinking coffee. Bit of an unexpected show!

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    1. Thank you for your words Chris. They made my day! Greatly appreciated. The huge hay trailers came by one after the other while we were drinking coffee at a pavement cafe. An autumn moment
      (strangely rather exciting!) 🙂

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  3. lovely warm and golden series tinged with black lab and summery blue decks. I feel late catching up with summer Gill but out in the sticks you are much more in tune with the days than us city folk


  4. Gill, you captured summer shifting so beautifully! i am not ready to let it go just yet, i hope it stays just a bit longer. You inspired me though, I shall get my camera out tomorrow, grab some summer shots. Thanks for your inspiration 🙂


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