midsummer moon 4.30am

2014 06 22 4.30am moon over the washing line jpg sig
Woke up (as you do) and went to make a cup of coffee. Kettle on, I opened the back door ( oh dear!) and the moon was sitting there above the washing line (grabbed the camera). Virginia Creeper, in silhouette, looks, I think, a tad magical at this hour.(Bit later walked over to the field to take some photos of the sun). Diary Gill June 22 (midsummer)


2014 06 13 the scented  queen jpg sig (2)

The scent of this old fashioned rose
has been drifting through the garden and the house for days..
the breath
the warmth of tender skin
the back of the neck of a new born baby
all bathed and wrapped and sleeping
in soft, old white, new laundered cotton
stirred up with tones of purple lilac blossoms drifting through an open window
by lazy sunset fields
shifting glimpses of new baked bread and coffee wafting through the air……
Until last night.
….Now spirited away by thunder storms and lightning….
All night through….
Gill McGrath©
Requiem to a Rose.
I am simply trying to describe a smell. But rather glad I took the photo yesterday.

Moon walk

2014 06 05  Moon  9.30pm jpg sig 2
Dear lovely Em,
Long time no see. Bit of a lonely road to the field where the rabbits are, where the sunset goes down.But after what seems like weeks of no moon in the sky, he arrived last evening!…. Its either been too cloudy or too something at the time the moon might have been there to make a brief appearance….. Either way he was missed even if he could be seen! But last night (as a result of the moon being clear and bright up there above where the kite is caught up in the tree by the road I thought I would take a walk, over to where the sky was getting pinker. And…. As I walked, the moon kept up with me, side on, all the way there. And he stopped when I stopped! And the biggest miracle of all he turned round and walked with me all the way back home, an hour and a half later. One of the times When he stood still I took this photo (raw, so the sky is black though it wasn’t)so here is the close up for you. The best I could do! I reckon he looked better through the trees a bit farther away actually ( on auto) and the sky deep blue. Less rabbits in the field too and the ones that were there ran away! So you got my moon walk! Love Rosie (love to all)

Moon 9.30 pm June 5 GillMcG©

window frames [2]

2014 05 29 All eyes on same page jpg sig
The Word Game: Coffee Break:Decisions
To  read or simply stare…..
To ignore or be very much aware.

She cannot ignore. She is aware. She stares. She reads.
He is aware. He stares. He cannot read. He ignores.
He is not aware. He does not stare. He reads. He cannot ignore.
She does not stare. She cannot read. She ignores………She
Gill McGrath©