midsummer moon 4.30am

2014 06 22 4.30am moon over the washing line jpg sig
Woke up (as you do) and went to make a cup of coffee. Kettle on, I opened the back door ( oh dear!) and the moon was sitting there above the washing line (grabbed the camera). Virginia Creeper, in silhouette, looks, I think, a tad magical at this hour.(Bit later walked over to the field to take some photos of the sun). Diary Gill June 22 (midsummer)

4 thoughts on “midsummer moon 4.30am

    1. Thanks Amy ! When I open the back door all that can be seen is a tallish fence covered in Virginia creeper and the wide sky above it where the sun performs very well all along it in the mornings all year ! But the moon arrived there today, fairly close to the sun ( which was actually still hidden behind thick purple whiffs of cloud far left just then) Moon seems to come and go between the point of our back door and the living room around the corner, and so is usually visible when around… if cloudless) but I had no idea he would be there this morning (that is dead centre to the back door ). Bit of a surprise. Must have heard me put the kettle on!


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