7 thoughts on “at the end. of the night. sunrise

    1. You are right. I don’t sleep long. But it isn’t a sacrifice. It seems like the best part of the day getting up with the birds.
      Will be watching the Euro-vision Song Contest tonight. Do you?


      1. Yeah! It should be interesting with Australia now joining in; perhaps even winning…… might make the UK start taking it a bit more ‘seriously’. I always feel we squander the chance to showcase our best new writers and musicians, let alone established ones, onto this particular world stage. Terry Wogan, alone, made it cool to be sarcastic about it for too many years; so much so that people are usually embarrassed to say they even like this show, even though they will probably have a house party like everyone else on the night! You can’t sell something to followers or participants with negatives that’s for sure ( So, thank you Terry). Maybe the art schools could aim for it like they do other opportunities and prizes around and make it cool. Its a very expensive show. It’s on a world stage and its such a big thing for those taking part. I really do not understand why our musicians don’t do something about it. We take a lot of the other opportunities seriously enough. Apparently The Royal Horticultural Society is making gardening cool at last ~ young people are noticing it and lining up to make gardens and they and everyone, are smiling.
        Meanwhile this house will be getting through quite a few bags of crisps tonight!


      2. Great to find another unashamed Eurovision fan!
        Perhaps we don’t take it too seriously because of the political nature of the voting system. Scandinavians for Scandinavians, Baltics for Baltics, Balkans for Balkans etc and because no one seems to like us!
        Despite my best efforts Kim doesn’t like Eurovision but she is away tonight so I can get some beers in and just sit back and enjoy it!


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