the gaze

over there
a breeze
a gentle drum
a line of trees
are calling where we danced entwined forever
counting stars between the leaves
where dew on strings
breathes now the music
pale pearls of mist beneath our feet
forever softly whispering
sweet empties to the beat

Gill McGrath© today
2016-04-30 from window  DSCN4408.jpg sig
admiring the view by window with my muse early morning april end


feeling it in slow time

so who cares where the sun is
when you are sitting at a  dark window
your paws sadly resting on the sill
waiting for that someone
grey clouds gathering
and its looking quite a bit like rain?
2015 04 22 looking out the window jpg sig
Can you see him waiting in the window?
2015 04 22 bird on a nest jpg sig
Can you see her, sitting all day on her nest?
2015 04 22 dark cloud and bird jpg sig
And look at him, now its evening, eyes fixed on the dark clouds wondering if it will thunder…..
2015 04 22 bath jpg sig

…that’s when …  the nesting lady takes her chance!

Gill McGrath© April 22. 7.00 pm ~~

2015 04 22 sunset 2 jpg sig

Update: Late sunset here  with clear skies and a bit of color 8.40 pm ~ and a moon!