25 thoughts on “morning ~ a silk arrangement.

      1. Yes, I am back since Sunday. I go there every 6 weeks or so…you can’t take Miami out of this girl! 🙂


      2. I didn’t take one photo. I have a lot as you must know, when I got to West Palm, I realized I had left my camera in the car and was too lazy to go get it!


      3. You know, I really just felt that way, I was just relaxing and not really thinking about any issues. Thanks Gill! Have the loveliest evening! Hugs!


    1. Hi Julie Sorry not to have replied to your nice comment before this but a few things have been getting in the way of blogging lately and It seems I missed this one ! I do appreciate your words! have a lovely weekend ❤

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    1. Hi Michel. I think the ‘ordinary’ birds who fly around the gardens here take notes all the time and share between themselves what they see and know about us, every moment of the day and are really quite extraordinary!! x.


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